About Dazzle Me

Meet Jacqueline

Hello! I'm Jacqueline Lara, the proud owner of DazzleMe Skin+ Body, a Latinx-owned establishment based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Born and raised here, I find immense joy in providing skincare and body services to the community that shaped me.

As a licensed esthetician, my journey is deeply rooted in a special passion for addressing problematic skin conditions, inspired by my own experience with acne since childhood. My goal is to offer services that make people feel comfortable in their own skin, guiding them towards self-love and confidence.

At DazzleMe Skin+ Body, we bring you a blend of expertise and cultural richness. We have a profound passion for skincare and body sculpting, and our extensive experience has led us to you. We are eager to share our beauty insights to help you achieve your optimal look and feel.

We take pride in being your companions on this transformative journey towards self-love. Beauty and wellness are not solitary endeavors; together, let's work towards your goals. Thank you for being a part of my dream and journey.


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Spa Manager

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